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  • Provide students with an overview of some of the main themes of literary production in the pre-modern Korea.

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  • Provide students with basic knowledge of grammar, language and writing Korean alphabet and mixed (Sino-Korean).

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  • Provide students with knowledge of the average level of grammar Korean and 700 Chinese characters. During the course, students will read and also translate short passages of average difficulty. The readership will provide lessons to strengthen the individual language skills in conversation, grammar and reading and listening comprehension.

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  • Advanced learning from the basic language structures learned
    in the first year and the introduction of more complex grammatical and
    syntactical structures.  Learning and practice of more complex syntactic structures.  Introducing an additional 700 Sino-Korean characters.

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  • The course will introduce the Korean art chronologically from prehistoric times through the end of the Chosŏn period.  We will explore architecture, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, ceramics, prints, etc., and discuss if and how various artistic features are tied to different historical, social and cultural contexts. Essential themes such as art and religion, art and politics, patronage, and cultural transmission will be examined. The relationship between outside influences and domestic inventions in the arts will be explored for each period, thus gaining in depth perspectives of developments and characteristics of arts on the Korean peninsula throughout the ages. Specific topics covered in this course include prehistoric shell mounds and stone hinges, tools, weapons and ornaments, ceramics, architecture, and gardens of Koryŏ and Chosŏn periods, Buddhist and Confucian sutras and scripts, folk and shamanist art, as well as painting and textile arts. Visual materials related to the lectures will be presented in each class (PowerPoint, slides, books). The course will prepare students to acquire perceptual and critical skills to enjoy, interpret, and question works of Korean art.

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  • This course will explore modern Korean art from the colonial period to the present.  We will develop a critical and historical reading of the modern visual characteristics of painting, sculpture, architecture and works of contemporary media such as installations, photography, performance, and film in Korea, and examine how various artistic features are tied to different historical, social and cultural contexts. The theories, manifestos and practices on modern, modernity, modernism and post modernism in the 20th and 21st centuries will be researched and investigated. Focus will be placed on the connection and interplay of stylistic and aesthetical developments to colonialism, post-colonialism, cultural transmission, and internationalism. A visit to the Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and possibly another gallery or museum visit will also be part of the course.

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